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Landscape in the Longue Duree

Pebbles are usually found only on the beach, in the liminal space between land and sea. But what happens when pebbles extend inland and create a ridge brushing against the sky? Landscape in the Longue Durée is a 4,000 year history of pebbles. It…

Turn on the light on science
"Scientists deserve public recognition. The ways that they are depicted, however, are severely limited in physical and personal traits, helping to establish and enhance stereotypes under the general title of ‘scientist’. These stereotypes range…

Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Cumulative Management Area
The Surat Underground Water Impact Report forms part of the regulatory framework for managing the impacts of this groundwater extraction.

Euclidean Plane and Its Relatives
This book is designed for a semester-long course in Foundations of Geometry and meant to be rigorous, conservative, elementary and minimalistic.

Product Environmental, Health and Safety Standards
This module provides you with the foundational knowledge you need to understand what 'products' are, and how they can be classified, designed, produced and disposed of in ways that best preserve and promote the integrity of the environment, and of…

Environmental Control, Monitoring And Modeling<br />
We start by defining air pollution and examining the main sources of air pollution. We then classify air pollutants according to origin, chemical composition, state of matter, and area of impact; and examine the effects of air pollution, particularly…

Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a widely used tool for assessing the
environmental implications of projects, policies and plans. It is also an integral part of the decision-making processes involving environmental issues. With the…

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