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We will first define and discuss some common definitions and measures of quality that have been put forward by quality philosophers. Next we will provide an overview of the historical development of quality management. In the third major section of…

In this module, we will look at how manufacturing systems have developed over the years, comparing and contrasting the various systems that have sprung up in different countries. We will then move into the present as we study four modern…

Principles of Managerial Economics.pdf
One standard definition for economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. A second definition is the study of choice related to the allocation of scarce resources. The first definition indicates that…

Safety and reliability are two important aspects of science and technology. They are
highly related, and they complement each other, i.e. they provide each other with
more information than could be obtained individually. When safety and reliability…

In recent decades, the fields of financial mathematics and financial risk evaluation
have undergone explosive development. Financial mathematics, broadly defined, is a
class of applied mathematics devoted to modelling and analysing financial…

This module provides you with the foundational knowledge you need to understand what 'products' are, and how they can be classified, designed, produced and disposed of in ways that best preserve and promote the integrity of the environment, and of…

Websites are created using a set of standard technologies. Many of these technologies
involve markup and programming languages for encoding page content and
specifying the appearance and interactive behaviour of Web elements. In this module,

We start by defining air pollution and examining the main sources of air pollution. We then classify air pollutants according to origin, chemical composition, state of matter, and area of impact; and examine the effects of air pollution, particularly…

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a widely used tool for assessing the
environmental implications of projects, policies and plans. It is also an integral part of the decision-making processes involving environmental issues. With the…

Before we go into details on various computer designs concepts, we need to
understand how to interpret the performance of a computer system. To start with, we will look at some basic metric and benchmarks for the measurement of a computer's…

Nowadays, everyone is using the Internet. We have hooked our computers to the
Internet, where we can access information and transmit messages. The Internet is a
very large computer network. Computer networks are so important in our daily life

Despite all advances in computing technologies, the human-computer interface and the interactions that it provides are the most fundamental. Some of the most anticipated advancements in computer technology lie in the area of interfaces – not least…

Everyone in Hong Kong has heard of the Mark Six! Players select six different numbers from 49 possibilities in the hope of winning a small fortune - or possibly even a large one.
So how many different choices of six numbers out of 49 are there? If…

This module will enable you to understand various wireless technologies, especially
those that have been infused into our daily lives. Also, a range of wireless network
protocols and wireless LAN design models will be discussed. Another topic that…

In this module, you will learn several basic concepts of communications systems such
as major building blocks of a communication system, properties of electromagnetic (EM) waves, and frequency allocation in communication systems.
You can quickly…

Organic chemistry belongs to a branch of chemistry that is generally associated with
compounds containing carbon. It is so important because millions of compounds that contain carbon are related to our daily lives, so organic chemistry has many…

We’ll begin with a brief introduction to the two main types of stem cells, embryonic
and adult stem cells. We’ll then discuss stem cell potency.
The second section “Stem cells in research and diseases management” will focus on

This module develops concepts and techniques for studying functions. You will learn about one of the foundations of applied mathematics, i.e. the algebraic and graphic methods for studying functions.
You'll be introduced to clear define and…

With the success of websites such as YouTube, streaming is no doubt one of the most important multimedia applications. This module explains two very different
approaches to building a streaming application.
With a streaming server such as Microsoft…

Biodiversity is perhaps the hottest topic in ecology textbooks and courses worldwide
today. One very basic (core) objective of country park management is to conserve
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