Government Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business

Dublin Core


Our goal is to provide students with a textbook that is up to date and comprehensive in its coverage
of legal and regulatory issues—and organized to permit instructors to tailor the materials to their
particular approach. This book engages students by relating law to everyday events with which they
are already familiar (or with which they are familiarizing themselves in other business courses) and
by its clear, concise, and readable style. (An earlier business law text by authors Lieberman and
Siedel was hailed “the best written text in a very crowded field.”)
This textbook provides context and essential concepts across the entire range of legal issues with
which managers and business executives must grapple. The text provides the vocabulary and legal
acumen necessary for businesspeople to talk in an educated way to their customers, employees,
suppliers, government officials—and to their own lawyers.



Rahmah Agustira


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“Government Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business ,” Open Educational Resources (OER) , accessed April 22, 2024,

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