Weather & Climate Services for the Energy Industry

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This chapter discusses the information gaps relating to the type, level of accuracy and frequency of delivery of specific weather and climate information, and what extra information is required by the energy sector in the coming years. It is argued that ongoing technical and scientific
interaction between weather and climate service providers and the energy sector, supported by input from the information and communication technologies, can help bridge these gaps. This will help the users in the
energy sector to both understand and respond appropriately to the available weather and climate information. Focusing on the linkages between
weather-, climate- and energy-related information
and data, the chapter draws attention to barriers
to data sharing, benefits of overcoming the barriers
and strategies to enhance data-sharing arrangements
between the weather, climate and energy communities.



Cut Rita Zahara


Creative Commons



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Mohammed  Sadeck  Boulahya , “Weather & Climate Services for the Energy Industry,” Open Educational Resources (OER) , accessed May 25, 2024,

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