eMarketing the Essential Guide to Online Marketing

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This book may have my name on the cover, but in comparison to the enormous number of contributors my role has been minimal to say the least. I am largely the project champion. From the smart contributors in our early Quirk days and now the very brainy team at Red & Yellow, I have been very fortunate to have been able to convince these dedicated folks to give of their time to this exceptionally impactful cause. We have also been so grateful to have received enthusiastic input from great minds across our community and industry, which has just been a wonderful experience. These selfless people are too numerous to mention here, but I will heap them with the appropriate praise when we release the final copy of the book early next year.

In acknowledgment of the massive impact our contributors have had on this book, for this 10th anniversary edition we have decided to go fully “open source”. Not only will the final book be freely available online for download, but we are also opening up this Beta version to our truly global audience, for comment and contribution. Instead of working with a fairly closed set of contributors, as we have traditionally done, we are now giving you, our educators, students or just general knowledge hounds, the opportunity to help us make this book even better.

Each of these Beta chapters are available for download and comment. We want to hear from you on what you think needs to be added, changed or left out. What could we have explained better? What clever digital marketing tactic did we forget to include? What social platform needs more attention and ultimately how could we improve our book and its pedagogy to create an even better learning experience for our students?




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