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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery MCQs - Local and General Anesthetics
Practice these MCQs for MDS entrance preparation in AIIMS, COMEDK, AIPG, PGI, BHU, etc. Also useful for ADA, NBDE, NDEB and other dental board exams. Please Share and Subscribe to…

4. A Guide to Assessment in Dental Education Williams et al 2016.pdf
Following the successful publication of “A Guide to Assessment in VeterinarMedical Education”, 2nd edition, it was felt that a similar guide to assessment in
Dental Education would be timely and valuable. A systematic review, which

2, 10-Karpinski-2017.pdf
Autoimmune bullous diseases are rare but represent a potentially devastating group of mucocutaneous diseases characterized by the presence of tissue-bound immunoreactants and circulating autoantibodies against various target antigens with disease…
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Procedures for scaling and root planing the mandibular teeth.

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