Human Relations

Dublin Core


Knowing how to get along with others, resolve workplace conflict, manage relationships, communicate well, and make good decisions are all critical emotional intelligence skills students need to succeed in career and in life. Our Human Relations book will address all of the critical topics to obtain career success. This book isn’t an organizational behavior (OB) text, which is too theoretical for many of our students’ needs. While this book will focus on some of the theories you might find in
an OB book, the focus is a direct benefit to students in their current and future jobs. This book also isn’t a professional communications, business English, or professionalism book, as the focus is much broader: it focuses on general career success and how to effectively maneuver in the workplace. The core concept in the book is emotional intelligence and how these skills carry over into career success, such as through ethics, communication, diversity, teamwork, conflict, good decision making, stress management, motivation, and leadership.



Rahmah Agustira


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