Exploring Public Speaking

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"The revisions include a new look and font, new graphics, and an appendix on first year issues. The table of contents is hyperlinked, and all graphics are tagged."

Original Description:

"In fifteen chapters the authors have attempted to address all the major concerns, issues, and material that an introductory, freshmen-level public speaking course involves. Beginning with the value of public speaking to one’s life and overcoming public speaking anxiety, the subsequent chapters cover listening and audience analysis; plagiarism and ethics; invention and thesis development; research; organization; introductions, conclusions, and transitions; supporting material; delivery; visual aids; language choices; informative speaking; persuasive speaking; logic and fallacies; and special occasion speeches. The book was written with students in the open access college and with diversity in mind.

All the topics that would be found in a traditional textbook are there, at no cost. The appendices include a glossary (key terms are also defined in the text and highlighted in boxes in the margins), a chapter on speaking to diverse audiences, sample outlines, and references. Color photographs, diagrams, and charts are included. The book is being used for the first time with the full cohort of freshmen student, and ongoing revisions are planned as needed.


Cut Rita Zahara


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